Our Company

As a leading provider of foreign currency and financial services around the world, ChangeGroup has been serving international travellers and business customers since 1992. Throughout its nearly three decades of service, ChangeGroup’s focus on currency exchange and payments services in more than 100 locations, in 37 cities across the world has driven its growth, with continued plans for expansion. Innovative and with a constant eye on the future, ChangeGroup has also developed state of the art ATM systems and payment technologies, deploying these platforms across Europe, USA and Australia. We are proud to employ over 80 nationalities and are committed to donate 3% of our annual profits to charity.

A book written by our CEO

Interested in Travel & Tourism Retail? Read this book!

Written by Sacha Zackariya, ChangeGroup's CEO, Leading Travel and Tourism Retail is an invaluable guide for any professional involved in the world of retail, including consumer brands, retailers, hospitality, landlords, politicians, airports, transportation and technology groups.

Deepen your understanding of how to adapt to international travellers' different needs and backgrounds. Harness the burgeoning levels of tourism and learn everything you need to engage travellers with your business and spending money.

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